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With so many wellness products out on the market, it can feel overwhelming figuring out how to add everything into your busy lifestyle. Between your daily skincare routine, taking vitamins, making a healthy breakfast, and simply getting yourself and your family ready for the day, it can feel almost impossible to find the time to stay healthy while juggling your hectic schedule.

But making your health a priority doesn’t have to feel like a chore or another pesky task. This is where habit stacking comes in. Habit stacking is an effective technique that involves “stacking” a new behavior you’re trying to adopt onto a current behavior you’re already doing. Let’s take collagen for example. By adding collagen into a food or beverage you are already consuming, you are stacking a new habit onto something you are doing consistently on a daily basis. In the midst of a busy day, habit stacking can be so effective because the new habit (i.e. adding in a collagen supplement), feels less like a ‘task’ when you are combining it with something you are already doing (i.e. drinking coffee or eating breakfast). Naturally this will help you to stay consistent and feel confident creating this new habit, instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

So now the question is: should I add a collagen supplement into my day? The answer: absolutely, By adding Beauty Fusion, for example, into your morning routine, you will start your day with a boost of nutritional support that will leave you feeling and looking great! It ‘s formulated with 4 types of food-sourced multi collagen, 11 clinically-proven beauty ingredients and tastes amazing in many recipes. Keep on reading to learn about six simple and convenient ways to add collagen to your morning routine.

  1. Mix it into a hot or cold beverage

Whether you’re drinking black coffee, an iced matcha latte, or a glass of infused water, collagen is a great addition and dissolves well in both hot and cold beverages. Simply pour a scoop of collagen into your beverage of choice and blend with a fork, whisk, or milk frother. With the holiday season right around the corner, you can even get creative and make a festive drink, such as a collagen infused peppermint hot cocoa! You can do this by blending together Beauty Fusion Chocolate with your favorite milk of choice. Then simply add a small amount of peppermint extract and sprinkle crushed candy canes on top. Viola! 

2. Blend it into a smoothie

Your smoothie might already contain a source of protein such as Greek yogurt or protein powder, but have you tried collagen as a replacement or an additional ingredient? The list of smoothie combinations are endless, but lately I have been loving this combo: coconut water, frozen berries, frozen banana, spinach, flaxseed, Svete Fresh Berry Beauty Fusion, and ice. It is such a refreshing way to start the day and will keep you energized for hours on end!

3. Stir it into oatmeal

Adding collagen to oatmeal is such an easy way to sneak additional nutrients into a tasty breakfast. You can simply stir this into freshly cooked oatmeal or you can add it to a recipe that you prepped in advance, such as overnight oats or baked oatmeal. You can also try adding nuts, seeds, fresh fruit, etc to your oats for an extra nutritional boost!

4. Use it as a toast topper

I love a good piece of sourdough bread topped with avocado or nut butter, but I find that it doesn’t keep me full very long due to the lack of certain nutrients, such as protein. That’s where collagen comes in! If you are using an unflavored collagen powder, you can add it to a savory toast such as avocado toast. Simply mix a scoop of collagen with mashed avocado. Top the toast with the avocado/collagen blend and sprinkle on your favorite seasonings and other toppings of choice. My favorite savory combo is sourdough + avocado/collagen blend + arugula + tomato + red pepper flakes. For a sweet combo, try mixing together a scoop of Svete Chocolate Coconut Beauty Fusion with almond, cashew, or peanut butter. Then, spread that mixture onto a slice of your toast of choice and top with your favorite fruits and seeds of choice. Like this Apple Beauty Spread.

5. Bake it into a breakfast baked good

There are SO many healthy breakfast baked good recipes on the internet, but have you tried adding collagen to any of them? Collagen dissolves easily into so many batters including pancakes, waffles, energy bites, breakfast oat bars, and more! One of my favorite grab-and-go breakfast snacks that I always have on hand are these Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins. They are so simple to make, contain lots of nutrients, and best yet, are so delicious! 

6. Add it to a yogurt or cottage cheese parfait

If you love a delicious parfait in the morning, try adding a scoop of collagen to the mix! Simply stir in a scoop of collagen to your yogurt or cottage cheese, then top with your favorite toppings. The collagen won’t impact the texture and creaminess of your parfait one bit! For a few parfait combo ideas, check out these Greek Yogurt Bowls.

As you can see, collagen is so versatile and can be added to pretty much anything! With these six balanced breakfast examples, sneaking collagen into your morning routine has never been easier. Play around with these morning staples and experiment with your own recipes of choice. With the long list of benefits that collagen provides, your body will thank you! 


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