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Looking for a healthier alternative to your Thanksgiving cocktail this year? Try this Pomegranate Berry Spritz Mocktail!

This  isn’t a regular mocktail, she’s a cool mocktail… with added antioxidants, collagen, and probiotics to help you digest dinner and keep you bloat-free.

✔️ Gluten Free
✔️ No Added Sugar
✔️ Only 4 ingredients!
✔️ Non-alcoholic

Pomegranate Seeds
1 cup water
1 scoop of Sveté Beauty Fusion in Berry
Cranberries (optional)
Lemon Juice
Sparkling Water
Rosemary (for garnish)
Orange Slice (for garnish)

1. Add pomegranate seeds and water to a blender and blend well
2. Strain the mixture
3. Add Beauty Fusion and mix well
4. Pour over cranberry ice cube
5. Add lemon juice and sparkling water
6. Garnish and enjoy!

Watch the full recipe on our IG: Link Here


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